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  About his-tamper.com (Higher Innovative Solutions LLC)
  THE FACTS                                        
The inventors of the Air Tamper Conversion kit consist of individuals that possess over 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry. We have experienced both sides of the fence when it comes to dealing with the everyday problems of trench tampers. We have purchased just about every brand out there and have repaired or rebuilt them all. The problems always seem to be the gas engines.

THE PROBLEM                                 
We knew there had to be a better way to operate and maintain this type of equipment. Between the gasoline, oil, spark plugs, pull ropes, and other inherent problems tampers have, you can fix it today and inevitably it returns tomorrow. The true cost of owning a jumping jack tamper comes after the initial purchase.

THE SOLUTION                                
With our conversion kits you can have peace of mind that you won’t have to repair the tamper day-after-day. You can store the tamper rammers in any position without worrying about filling the crankcase with gas or flooding the carburetor.

ADDED BENEFITS                            
Our tamper conversion kit also offers an environmentally friendly or  “GREEN” method of operating these tools. Again, no gas, no oil, no exhaust and it revives that pile of tampers that would probably end up in the dump.

MISSION STATEMENT                   
To be the leading provider in innovative construction equipment by constantly improving the quality of our product and reducing our carbon footprint in our world; to add value to our customers through integrity, honesty, fairness and the highest level of professionalism, and to serve with character and purpose, that brings glory to God.


P.O. Box is 86416  ~  Phoenix, AZ 85027  ~  Cell 602.862.TAMP (8267)  ~  info@his-tamper.com

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